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第十三屆青少年發明家比賽榮獲冠軍 | Ho Yu wins the championship in the 13th Young Inventor Competition




Ho Yu wins the championship in the 13th Young Inventor Competition

A group of students competed with students from all over Hong Kong in the 13th Young Inventor Competition which was co-organized by the Mechanical, Marine, Naval Architecture and Chemical Division of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (Hong Kong Branch), Institution of Mechanical Engineers and American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The competition allows participating students to exercise their problem-solving skills and creativity with the help of technology, thus cultivating their interest in engineering and science. This year participants designed and produced a non-radio controlled car, and completed the designated tasks.

Our students’ showcased their innovative ideas during the competition and won the championship! The winning team comprises of Hui Lap Pong (S5B), Wong Shing To (S5B) and Yip Sin Kuen (S5B).

Good job! Congratulations!





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