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關心社會事務 建設我城任務 「我是一分鐘財爺」青年提案活動 | Care and concern about Hong Kong Proposal submission to the Financial Secretary






Care and concern about Hong Kong

Proposal submission to the Financial Secretary

To encourage young people to care about their community, develop their critical and logical thinking skills as well as their analyzing ability, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) continued to host a live programme called “Budget ONLINE@M21” this year. During the programme, the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR government, Mr. Paul Chan Mo-po, discussed fiscal policies proposed in the recent Budget release. A brand-new activity ‘I am the Financial Secretary’ was introduced for the programme in which 40 local students submitted proposals for aspects such as housing, environmental protection, employment, etc. to Mr. Chan. These students provided ideas for him to formulate future policies. The best three proposals were filmed and broadcast in the programme.

The proposal by Chow Pui Yee of S5A at Ho Yu was honorably selected to be one of the best three. She chose the area of innovation and technology and made suggestions on the operation of charging stations. She was filmed in the video which Mr. Chan commented on after watching it during the programme.

Young people are the future pillars of our society. Pui Yee has demonstrated a good example of how the younger generation can care more about civic affairs and be prepared to contribute to Hong Kong.



Video 1

Video 2


當日直播片段: https://m21.hk/production/video?vdoId=4852  


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