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臨別依依感恩我遇上 中六同學退修 |It’s time to say goodbye, go on study leave and fight for DSE








It’s time to say goodbye, go on study leave and fight for DSE

March 1 was the last school day of our S.6 students. It marked the start of their study leave and the coming of the DSE.

Time surely flies. At Ho Yu – a through-train school, some students have spent 12 years of school life here! When the music of the regular morning exercise played, all S.6 students cherished the last chance of participating in the exercise with immense excitement.

During the farewell activity, the principal, vice-principals, teachers and fellow students expressed their love and blessings to the S.6 students, hoping that the S.6 students would strive for their best in the DSE. They also thanked the students for their contributions inside and outside school. The school hall was filled with heart touching moments which brought tears to every student’s eyes.

Even though the S.6 students are preparing to embark on a new journey, they will be missing Ho Yu a lot. We wish them the best of luck to pass the exam with flying colours and have a prosperous future ahead!





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