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重視生命教育培養正確價值觀 | Life Education: Nourishing positive minds









Life Education: Nourishing positive minds


Environmental education

We have been assessed and selected successfully as one of the participating schools of the conservation education programme ‘ECF Ecology and Conservation 101: Grooming the Next Great Ecologist’ organized by Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong. The programme aims at enriching students’ knowledge on the ecology and biodiversity of Lantau through lectures, field trips, workshops and school exhibitions. Last month, two lectures on conservation were arranged for our S.4 and S.5 students. To put words into action, after acquiring the knowledge of conservation, students will also be joining field trips and other activities.

Sex education

Our S.2 students attended a talk on ‘youngsters’ developments and changes during adolescence’ held by Caritas Youth and Community Service on 7th November. At Ho Yu, we do not treat sex as taboo topic because we believe sex education is crucial to prepare for youngsters for a wholesome relationship with themselves, their bodies and other people. It also equips them with knowledge and life skills including critical thinking and decision making about sexuality.



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