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齊分享‧齊玩樂地攤 | Sharing and helping the needy in a ‘Second-hand Stuff Donation’ activity







Sharing and helping the needy in a ‘Second-hand Stuff Donation’ activity

Ho Yu students joined a ‘Second-hand Stuff Donation’ activity’ on 6th April in Ying Tung Estate. The activity aims to promote a green community through sharing of second-hand toys and books.

These participating students are members of the school’s Volunteer Team. Led by the teacher in charge of the team, they encouraged their parents, teachers and schoolmates to donate their unwanted but usable toys and books. A large collection was received within two weeks before the activity. The items were then classified and recorded. Besides the collection, the volunteer team also prepared an interesting game stall to promote environmental protection.

On the activity day, many participants were able to choose the second-hand stuff they wanted. They liked playing the stall games while the volunteer students enjoyed running the stall for them.

It was such a meaningful activity for both the students who collected the items and ran the game stall and the participants who took the items and played the games.

Through the activity, students understood sharing of unwanted but reusable items with others mean the green practice of reuse. Besides spreading the message of protecting the environment in the community, they also learnt how to care for people in need following Ho Yu’s school motto ‘sympathy and benevolence’.




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