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尊重生命 逆境同行 好心情@可譽 | Respect Life, Build Resilience ‘Joyful @ Ho Yu’ Campaign

尊重生命   逆境同行






Respect Life, Build Resilience

‘Joyful @ Ho Yu’ Campaign

Aiming at enhancing students' positive ego, resilience and skills for coping with challenges, with a view to promoting their mental well-being, we have joined hands with Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Tung Chung Integrated Services this year to carry out a ‘Joyful @ Ho Yu’ campaign. The campaign is funded by Quality Education Fund and lasts for one year. We are organizing various activities including day camps, growth groups, voluntary work, sharing sessions, etc. for our students.

Secrets to a joyful life: To communicate, to think positive and to enjoy life

Everyone experiences some amount of stress. Our students are no exception. Their potential sources of stress can be academic stress, social stress or family discord. In order to help them recognize stress and learn how to deal with it, a seminar has been held. Besides, a parents’ talk and teachers’ workshop have been organized to introduce skills to help teens manage stress. We are hoping that through these activities, our students are able to live a healthy, positive and joyful life.




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