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Rock ‘n’ Roll spirit: determination to succeed | 搖滾是精神堅毅是態度



由離島區議會和離島民政事務處合辦的《離島區文化節「Show Time!」離島區青年音樂才藝匯演》又來了!當中的搖滾音樂比賽於十一月四日完滿結束。我校搖滾樂隊獲邀參與,並獲得多個獎項。搖滾樂隊共派出四隊樂隊出戰,包括Zealotic Remember MeImagine Chicken Dreamer。經過長時間的訓練,參賽樂隊均有超凡演出,獲得佳績。所獲獎項如下:

l   最佳造型:Zealotic

l   最合拍組合:Remember Me

l   最受歡迎獎:Zealotic

l   最佳結他手:林啟玥(Zealotic)

l   最佳歌手:段淇珊(Remember Me)

l   優異獎:Imagine Chicken

l   亞軍:Remember Me

l   冠軍:Zealotic

l   方志強老師獲選為最佳鼓手

至於新手Dreamer,他們首次參賽,準備充足,表現淡定,絶不怯場。搖滾樂隊負責老師坦言,最開心是見證同學的進步:「我見證著Remember Me從第一次參賽到這次比賽的進步。」「一步一步前進」是搖滾樂隊努力的宗旨。老師回想起Zealotic在上一次比賽也是空手而回,但經過訓練,最終獲得冠軍。因此老師深信,Dreamer只要肯付出,下次必定可與其他樂隊一同上台獲獎。


Rock ‘n’ Roll spirit: determination to succeed

Let’s cheer for our great rock bands!

Four of our rock bands namely Zealotic, Remember Me, Imagine Chicken and Dreamer took part in ‘Islands District Cultural Festival “Show Time!”, Islands District Youth Musical Talent Show Rock Music Competition’ on 4th November. The competition was co-organized by Islands District Council and Islands District Office. Their brilliant performances appealed the judges and audience, and finally, they achieved extraordinary results. The nine prizes awarded are:

l   The Best Image Award: Zealotic

l   The Most Cooperative Award: Remember Me

l   The Most Popular Band Award: Zealotic

l   The Best Guitarist: Lam Kaimook (Zealotic)

l   The Best Singer: Doan Ki Shan (Remember Me)

l   Merit Award: Imagine Chicken

l   The First Runner-up: Remember Me

l   The Champion: Zealotic

l   The Best Drummer: Mr. Fong Chi Keung (teacher)

The teacher in charge of rock bands shared his happiness, ‘It was Dreamer’s first attempt to join the competition. Well-prepared, they showed confidence and hard work in their performance. Remember Me has made significant improvements after gaining experiences in other competitions. With continued efforts, courage and determination, Zealotic could finally beat other competitors and got the champion.’

We believe there is no short cut to success but hard work and determination.


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