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親子老婆餅製作班 | Parent-child Winter Melon Pastry Class


        由家長教師會主辦的「親子老婆餅製作班」已於20181124日順利完成。活動當天,請來了糕點師傅教授各家長和同學製作 老婆餅的方法。平日品嚐老婆餅的機會不少,對於不少同學來說,製作老婆餅是一個新鮮的體驗。由材料預備,到進行製作,家長和同學分工合作,互相提點。看著香噴噴的老婆餅出爐,各家長和同學滿意地微笑,然後收穫滿滿地踏上歸程。


A Parent-child Winter Melon Pastry Class organized by the Parent-child Association was held on 24 November, 2018. The class was conducted by an experienced pastry chef and the participating families learnt how to make one of Hong Kong’s traditional pastries. The class was a brand-new experience to most families as they usually eat this but have never made it before. During the class, all family members needed to display team work to get the pastry done successfully. They all enjoyed the yummy pastry that they made together with their families.



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