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尊重他國文化文化交流在日本 21世紀東亞青少年大交流計劃(2018/19學年) | A rewarding experience on cultural exchange -- Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths Programme (JENESYS) (2018/19)







JENESYS aims to promote mutual understanding among the East Asia region, and deepen understanding of Japan through activities including field visits to cultural, economic and environmental facilities, school visits and home stays for education and cultural exchange. Our S.5 student, Summer Cheng, was interviewed and successfully accepted to participate in this programme. She was one of the 43 student representatives of Hong Kong travelling to Japan from 9 to 17 December, 2018 with another team of students from Macau.

In the trip, Summer was given chances to experience school life in Japan by paying visits to Japanese schools and attending classes with other Japanese students. She also stayed with a host family and she could communicate with local Japanese. These activities allowed her to explore and learn more about Japan.

In addition, Summer has made new friends with other participating students from Hong Kong as well as Macau before the trip. Apart from getting to know each other, they discussed the cultural similarities and differences between the two places. Through the interactions among themselves, they have learnt about the importance of respecting other cultures.

It was definitely an eye-opening and rewarding experience for all participants including Summer to broaden their horizons and perspectives.



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