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信心成長路價值教育在可譽 中一級成長營 | Value Education @ Ho Yu S.1 Life Camp




Puberty is an important stage of life. During this period, adolescents will face physiological and psychological changes which may cause some trouble for them. In order to help raise our students’ confidence to overcome the challenges in this stage, Ho Yu has joined hands with Mu Min Network Service Centre to orgainse a series of activities targeted at our S.1 students.

One of the activities, S.1 Life Camp, was held on 14 and 15 December. The camp was led and conducted by the centre’s experienced and trained instructors as well as Ho Yu teachers and its peer councellors. All S.1 students were given chances to participate in challenging tasks and communicate closely with their teachers and fellow students.

It is hoped that through the camp and the upcoming activities, students can become confident and independent individuals with positive values and attitudes.




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