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Career Live 職業體驗遊戲 | “Career Live” – a role-playing activity

Career Live 職業體驗遊戲

中四級同學參與聖雅各福群會舉辦的Career Live職業體驗遊戲,透過模擬職業體驗活動,醫護、工、酒款待、廣告等行業體驗了解不同行業資訊、工作價值及態度認識個人性格特質、興趣及能力,確立自我價值探討個人與職業的關係,發掘自己的職業路向鼓勵及促進學生開展生涯規劃並訂立個人目標。

“Career Live” – a role-playing activity

S.4 students participated in a "Career Live" activity organized by St James’ Settlement. Placed in workplace simulations, students completed field tasks to the best of their abilities using the relevant tools. They then learnt about the entry requirements, nature and work situation of different professions, and reflected on their interests, abilities and what they learnt during a group evaluation session. The activity has enhanced their self-understanding and helped them to set up their career goals.



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