Career Expo 2018 — A self-discovery process | 尋夢 追夢 探索人生方向 「夢想啟航」之 Career Expo 2018

20181123日,可譽舉行了「Career Expo 2018」,讓中一至中六同學了解不同課程和職業的特色,及早規劃發展方向。活動分為兩個部分,首先是主題演講,由校友吳斌講解「職業不分貴賤」。吳斌以輕鬆對談的方式,讓同學明白不同的職業均值得尊重。同學策劃人生發展方向的同時,不應只以社會潮流或薪金為選擇準則,而是以興趣和能力為選擇依據。

主題講座完畢後,各級同學前往不同課室,聆聽24位已畢業的學兄學姐介紹課程或職業。本學年是可譽第三年舉辦「Career Expo」,我們深信,同學從中一開始,每年參與三節分享,到中六的時候,便能對十八個課程或職業有所認識。

對同學來說,參與講座是一個探索自我的過程,同學從中尋找人生發展方向的各項元素。「Career Expo」的舉行,為同學的人生旅途亮起了一盞燈,同學在路上尋覓方向,由尋夢走向追夢。

Career Expo 2018 — A self-discovery process

To enable our secondary school students to explore different undergraduate courses at tertiary institutions as well as various occupations in various job sectors, an annual event, Career Expo, was held on 23 November, 2018.

A keynote speech was given by our alumnus about job dedication and devotion. Besides society norms and the income they could earn, students were told to take their strengths and passions into consideration in order to make wiser career choices. After the speech, students were introduced to different courses and occupations in the sharing sessions conducted by our alumni.

We have been organizing Career Expo for three years to better students’ career and life planning. It is hoped that through the sharing of alumni, students will not only enrich their knowledge of different courses and occupations before graduating S.6, but also be able to explore their interests, traits and true inspirations.


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