Monday, 28 October 2019 00:00

We’ve Got a Winner!

English Story Writing Competition

Congratulations See Lok!

See Lok has won an English story writing competition held from March to August (18-19)organized by The Standard.

See Lok’s creative story titled ‘Defeating Evil’ was awarded the 2nd runner-up prize in the junior group of the 4th Story Writing Competition.

See Lok’s great work fully illustrates the courage and wisdom of the main character. His description of the art work was also well-written.

We are very proud of See Lok because this is a prestigious competition and students from many different renowned schools also took part in this contest.



Monday, 21 October 2019 00:00
Monday, 21 October 2019 00:00

本校一向致力推動生命教育,認為只要學生的態度正確,在處理人生當中任何事情都懂得選擇正確的方向。因此在2018-2019 年度,本校參加了關愛校園獎勵計劃,並榮獲「推動生命教育」範中的榮譽學校殊榮。本校承諾在往後日子會更加著重學生的品德及抗逆能力,務求培養學生懂得解決生活中的難題。

At Ho Yu, we have been implementing Life Education, an important element of promoting caring school culture, over many years. Equipped with the positive and appropriate attitudes, students know how to tackle any challenges following the right direction. This year, we are overjoyed to receive an ‘Honorary School’ award of the ‘Life Education’ category under Caring School Award Scheme which is organized by Hong Kong Christian Service.

We will certainly continue to cultivate students’ generic skills and enhancing positive attitudes including resilience and maintain caring school culture.


Monday, 21 October 2019 00:00


Six of our Primary 6 students took part in Mini Olympics 2019 held by the Hong Kong Playground Association. After attending 4 sessions of training, our team competed in the Soft Tip Darts event. We won three games in the first round and successfully entered the finals. Excitement rose to its height after our team won the first game and the opponents won the second. In the final game, we lost a few shots at the beginning, but with perseverance, Sze Pak Him got a bullseye and turned defeat into victory. Our team won the Champion of Soft Tip Darts Competition and Pak Him also won the ‘Bullseye’ award.


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